Q: Has this ever been done before?

A: Yes, the artist has successfully completed projects:

  • Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst. MA
  • Third Century America US Bicentennial Exposition on Science & Technology, Kennedy Space
    Center (with Rockne Krebs)
  • Arcosanti Festival, Cordes Junction, AZ
  • International Sculpture Conference, Washington, DC (with Rockne Krebs)
  • SC State Museum
  • Governor’s Carol Lighting, SC State House
  • First Night, Raleigh, NC
  • Installations on Main, Sumter, SC
  • Sumter Court House

Q: How long will the lighting installation be on each night?

A: The plan is for three hours starting at dusk each evening.

Q: If I live on the river, will I see it from my house?

A: You may see it, although most beams will be roughly parallel to the river and much less
apparent from the side. They will be most apparent from the bridges, rather than any side angle.
Please keep in mind that being able to see it will be considered by most to be a desirable visual

Q: How far does the light reach? Yards? Miles?

A: The beams for this installation will cover about two kilometers of the river between the
Blossom and Gervais St. bridges, and some lesser surrounding areas.

Q: Will it have an effect on the environment? Birds, etc?

A: It should have no effect on the environment other than ambient light which is all around us,
though it will alert us to the moisture and incidental matter in the atmosphere (dust, pollution,
etc.). That is what allows us to see the beam. The artist has never experienced any
environmental problems with an installation in four decades of his professional career and noted
that birds and other wildlife will view it as something solid and, therefore, avoid it.

Q: Can I stare directly into the light?

A: You can stare directly at the beams, though you never want your eye to intersect the beam
path, and that will not be possible as all of the beams will be out of viewer reach.

Q: Can it hurt me?

A: Laser light at this power can be damaging to the eye and, if close enough to the laser, the
skin. However, all of the beams must and will be well out of reach of any viewer and the beams
are very compact, don’t spread like ambient light, and have little or no dispersion. They also
dissipate very quickly over distance.

Q: Is this a laser show?

A: No, laser shows involve fast motion and are usually directed toward a 2-dimensional surface.
This is a static, quiet and contemplative artwork seen in free space. You will never be able to
see the whole thing at once, but will be drawn into and discover different aspects of the
installation and build a Gestalt image of the totality in your mind.

Q: Can I touch the lasers?

A: No, they will be in remote and inaccessible locations and enclosed in a protective housing.
One will be located in a fenced and restricted area south of the Blossom St. bridge. The other
will located at the SC State Museum complex, and we are considering having a museum exhibit
that allows viewers to see the interior components of the housing, laser, and beam table.